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Lomy's expressive character has always sought out ways to pour out of her body - hence her predilection towards acting which she developed from a very young age.

Lomy started acting by performing in leading roles in two children's musicals by age 11. She continued acting in a small yet acclaimed youth theatre Masalan nuorisoteatteri, at which many Finnish Theatre Academy students have started their careers.

From the youth theatre Lomy continued to Kallio's upper secondary school of performing arts, the most distinguished upper secondary school of arts in Finland and joined Ryhmisnuoret, the youth group of Ryhmäteatteri.

She has performed since in both leading roles and smaller ones in various theatre performances around Finland, some larger-scale ones being Keinulauta (2016) on the famous summer theatre stage of Suomenlinna and most recently a play about the Finnish civil war, Stadi 1918 - Taistelu Helsingistä (2018).

Emma Lomy, perfomance artist, actor, dancer, musician, singer, writer and photographer

In addition to theatre, dance and movement have also been a part of Lomy's life from an early age. As a small child Lomy started out with ballet and folk dances but since became increasingly interested in circus which she practiced for seven years.

Later on she turned to improvisation as well as contemporary and jazz dance, all of which she studied in Kallio. Lomy has then performed in dance productions and musical plays with ample dance numbers.

For Lomy, dancing is the tool for expression when the words won't suffice as a means to communicate impressions. Dance is not merely a way to express beauty outwardly but an inner state that is open, sensing and present. During dance the relativity of time becomes tangible - yet time itself irrelevant.

Lomy uses often dance and movement in her performance art. Her main interests are in textures and shapes, namely the qualities of movement in nature and how they can be translated into the language of the human body.

photograph: Saara Vuola

   Examples of past performances:

- Tärkeitä tarinoita (dir. & chgph. Tuomas Juntunen), Music Centre, Helsinki, 2020

- Stadi 1918 - Taistelu Helsingistä (dir. Reetta Ristimäki), Botta, Helsinki, 2018

- Nyktofobia (chgph. Kaisla Nurmi), Helsinki, 2017

- COCO EI OO ENÄÄ TÄÄLLÄ (dir. Henriikka Himma, chgph. Veronika Lindberg) Theatre Academy Helsinki, 2016

- Lottovoittajat (dir. Linnea Kilpeläinen), Helsinki & Vaasa (awarded at Vaasa Theatre festival), 2016

- Keinulauta (dir. Jonna Wikström, chgph. Soile Ojala) Suomenlinna summer theatre, Helsinki, 2016  



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