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"Bells in the distance"

"You look at a woman

like she has the smallest head in the world"

Nykytaiteilija Emma Lomy

"Without impressions art would not exist; it enfolds its very essence, for it is required to both perceive and create art itself."

Photography: Saara Vuola

"I love"

Being the multidisciplinary artist she is, in 2015 Lomy began toying with comprehensive ways to combine the different means of art. The studies in Kallio's Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts and later in University of the Arts (Helsinki) led her to discover the Nordic performance art scene and, soon thereafter, began working with other artists in their productions as well as her solo performances.

"... I create the God of my Own,

     do not look, I do not wish

        you to become blind."

In the midst of Somewhat Ethreal, 2022

Emma Lomy: Reflections

Photography: Saara Vuola

"The artist is a piece of art themself."

Tärkeitä tarinoita performance; Emma Lomy as a performance artist, dancer and singer

Photography: Mikko Malmivaara

"... which is sacred in the movement of a human body"

Currently Lomy's main interest is combining music, text and movement into a whole that encompasses multiple senses of the viewer. She is a curious studier of light, shadows, and reflections, all of which play an essential role in many of her performances.

Lomy's performative texts, influenced by artists such as Andrei Tarkovski, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Frederico García Lorca and Risto Rasa, consist of poetry and excerpts from her essays. 'Poetic reasoning is closer to the laws by which thought develops'  wrote Tarkovski in Sculpting in Time (1986), the ideology that also carries through the works of Lomy.

"Are you looking

or are you seeing?"

Musically Lomy is interested in merging ambient sounds from different genres into her works. Having studied archaic Finnish music, the oldest still known folk music of Finland, Lomy often fuses traditional elements into the performances, studying phenomena such as Orthodox church bells and the meditative trance-like state that is essential to archaic music.

In spring 2022 Lomy will perform her solo performance In the midst of Somewhat Ethereal as her Bachelor's Degree final exam in Music Centre, Helsinki, Finland.

"People are waiting

inside each other"

Examples of past performances:

- Tärkeitä tarinoita (dir. Tuomas Juntunen), Music Centre, Helsinki 2020

- The Reach (dir. Grace Phillips), Korpo & Taalintehdas, 2019

Sade kohahtaa kuin katsomo (solo), Helsinki, 2015

Performance artist Emma Lomy

Photography: Maija Alander

"I've started to unravel her"

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